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The rejection or refusal of a duty, relation, right, or privilege.

Repudiation of a contract means a refusal to perform the duty or obligation owed to the other party.

Anticipatory Repudiation is an act or declaration before performance is due under a contract that indicates that the party will not perform his or her obligation on the future date specified in the contract.


n. denial of the existence of a contract and/or refusal to perform a contract obligation. Repudiation is an anticipatory breach of a contract. (See: contract, anticipatory breach)


noun abjuration, abolition, abrogation, annulment, breach, cancellation, confutation, contradiction, counterorder, countermand, declination, defeasance, denial, deposition, disaffirmation, disagreement, disallowance, disapproval, disavowal, disclaimer, disproof, disproval, dissent, dissociation, exclusion, forswearing, negation, nonobservance, nullification, refusal, refutation, rejection, renouncement, repeal, repellence, repudiatio, rescission, retraction, reversal, revocation, setting aside, veto, voidance, withdrawal
Associated concepts: repudiation of a contract
See also: abandonment, abjuration, abolition, ademption, annulment, blame, breach, cancellation, condemnation, confutation, contempt, countermand, declination, default, denial, desertion, disapprobation, disapproval, discharge, disclaimer, discredit, disdain, disqualification, dissent, exclusion, impugnation, infringement, negation, nonpayment, ouster, prohibition, protest, rebuff, refusal, rejection, renunciation, rescision, retraction, reversal, revocation

REPUDIATION. In the civil law this term is used to signify the putting away of a wife or a woman betrothed.
     2. Properly divorce is used to point out the separation of married persons; repudiation, to denote the separation either of married people, or those who are only affianced. Divortium est repudium et separatio maritorum; repodium est renunciatio sponsalium, vel etiam est divortium. Dig. 50, 16, 101, 1. Repudiation is also used to denote a determination to have nothing to do with any particular thing; as, a repudiation of a legacy, is the abandonment of such legacy, and a renunciation of all right to it.
     3. In the canon law, repudiation is the refusal to accept a benefice which has been conferred upon the party repudiating.

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Pub used for recording all the operation between the parties that act as an evidence to keep fairness & non repudiation [11].
Some of the private insurers have much higher levels of repudiation - around 20% by number and around 28% by amount - according to data published by IRDA.
Medafor's request for assurance and CryoLife's failure to respond within 30 days as per Georgia law constituted a repudiation by CryoLife and the contract is treated as terminated with all performance under the EDA as immediately ceased by Medafor, as mentioned in the letter.
Having first outlined the legal history and framework of repudiation, and traced Florentine attitudes toward inheritance as well as occurrences of repudiation in family records (the ubiquitous ricordanze kept by so many moneyed Florentines), Kuehn devotes the second half of the book to analyzing the data from the governmental and notarial records.
In addition, facts like these are all factors that a court will consider in making a judgment about whether anticipatory repudiation was properly invoked.
Unaltered, confidential data is critical to avoid the risk of leaks of confidential data and pricing and possible repudiation of the transaction.
Its spokesman, Dan Kay, commented, `The city and the media saw it as a repudiation of racism and a positive reaffirmation of the city's commitment to cultural diversity, but the Christians involved believe it is also important as the removal of an obstacle to spiritual blessing and renewal.
Such a stance underlies Norbrook's reading of Milton's covert repudiation of an ambitious and monarchical Cromwell in his late prose and in Paradise Lost.
Trade risks include issues such as contract repudiation or wrongful calling of on-demand bonds or guarantees, as well as exchange-transfer restrictions, war, export embargoes, license cancellation and nonpayment by governments or state-controlled institutions.
The "ism" added to his name has become a generic symbol of guilt by accusation, character assassination, the big lie, and the repudiation of our country's traditional devotion to fair play and a fair trial.
Most expressed various degrees of "disappointment" in the document's relatively cautious and muted self-criticism, while a minority praised the statement's repudiation of anti-Semitism.
The way Burns catches the drab locality of the suburban West--a slacker's repudiation of the nearby Rockies and their postcard grandeur--was, arguably, the best thing about The Suburbanators.