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TO REPUDIATE. To repudiate a right is to express in a sufficient manner, a determination not to accept it, when it is offered.
     2. He who repudiates a right cannot by that act transfer it to another. Repudiation differs from renunciation in this, that by the former he who repudiates simply declares that he will not accept, while he who renounces a right does so in favor of another. Renunciation is however sometimes used in the sense of repudiation. See To Renounce; Renunciation; Wolff, Inst. 339.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For Jefferson, his authority may have seemed more suspect and his choices less informed by his repudiative powers than by the specific pressures of popular opinion, increasing fears of Napoleonic motive, the hiatus in the American right of deposit in New Orleans, and accelerating pressures from Hamilton and the Federalists for more aggressive policy (e.g., "Jefferson to Livingston" in Ford, 363-68; Malone 1970, 279; DeConde 1976, 119; McDonald 1976, 67; Hosmer 1902, 68; "For the Evening Post" 1976, 82-85).
With FDR withholding decisive commitments to Britain, and with his third term prospects endangered, the residual authority and repudiative warrants of his past were less relevant than activities their opposite--the building of a bipartisan "national unity" appeal, which renewed his authority and finally brought him a third term (Shogun 1994, 48, 113-16, 95-96, 102, 134-40, 156, 169, 184).
Lincoln is also analyzed in terms of the sweeping powers granted by situationally based repudiative warrants.
Lincoln pursued a "fluctuating course on emancipation" of the slaves, persistently hoping that compensated and gradual emancipation could be crafted within the existing constitutional order, his "conservative instincts" initially overcoming the repudiative stance Skowronek assigns him (Paludan 1994, 170, 127, 337).