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REPUGNANT. That which is contrary to something else; a repugnant condition is one contrary to the contract itself; as, if I grant you a house and lot in fee, upon condition that you shall not aliens, the condition is repugnant and void. Bac. Ab. Conditions, L.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Although he knows the old ways were often repugnantly racist and classist, the emerging situation can be confusing, disruptive, and disorienting, reminding one of Bauman's proteophobia.
Fleshler portrays him to the hilt, but given the fantasy terms of the production, he comes across as so violent, so repugnantly realistic, that he appears to be in the wrong vehicle.
The mass media reacted positively to their performances, commenting that Disciple "essentially differs from repugnantly soppy, trivial pop-groups that accompany the mass activities of travelling missionaries." (35) Some local groups of Christian musicians also have reached a high professional level.
(15) Exceptionalism continued to lose general favor with the advent of World War II since the concept of a national peculiarity seemed repugnantly kin to the belief in a national superiority associated with Nazism.
African-Americans on TV (itself a repugnantly patriarchal concept)
One of the most striking features of the new art is the way in which this dual exploration of individual and work eschews the hagiographic, often to the point of monster making, as is the case at least in part with the Patrick White that David Marr depicts, the Christina Stead that Hazel Rowley sets before us, and most markedly, perhaps, Mary Lord's repugnantly fascinating Hal Porter, who was, among other things, the seducer of Lord's 12-year-old son.
My experience confirms the insights of the grandfather in their article: tallow candles are soft and stinky, repugnantly so.
or Mrs.--?", a repugnantly narrow and Republican formula of salutation which, to my mind, is not only an immediate give-away, but ample provocation for counter- attack: "This is not such a household," I acidly informed them before the "or" was out, "some of us are not even dating!"; or, for the sake of variation, and in the hope of disconcerting their puritanical sensibilities, I would assume a flagrantly campy lisp, "Thweetheart, I'm afraid the Mithtah and I have no money and terrrrrrrible credit"; a third option was simply to answer their inquiry with another: "Why?
The only poem in which a woman is seen to work is repugnantly satirical: "The Bulgy Squaw."
There is something repugnantly unrealistic about Minow's suggestion.
His practice of staging photo-ops with black people to announce some hit on black Americans is repugnantly cynical, and shows him for what he is: an updated, smooth version of the southern cracker Democratic politician.
Consider Helen, a woman of uncommon beauty who as a teenager became convinced that her nose was repugnantly small.