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Some 327 men - many from Merseyside - were lost on the Prince of Wales, and 513 on the Repulse.
Ken Radcliff with his painting of the sinking of HMS Repulse, to be unveiled officially next week
shoulder-to-shoulder with the armed forces of Pakistan to repulse the biggest ever attack of cunning and invading Indian army with 600 tanks at Chawinda while laying down under these tanks after tying the bombs with their bodies.
Backed at Salisbury last time as if defeat were out of the question, Repulse Bay was touched off in the final stride by Trillie.
Top naval brass and sailors who had served on Repulse over her 28-year career turned out to say goodbye.
The sources said that after the recent attacks on military-posts, the security has been tightened at the border and it was due to the strict measures which helped army to repulse the attack.
Alan Matthews' 82-year-old father, Ted, was on board HMS Repulse when it was sunk by the Japanese in World War II.
Repulse Bay, who should be considerably wiser with the benefit of his debut, merits the nap in the EBF Isle of Wight Novice Stakes (4.
He's the nicest, sweetest man I've ever known and he shouldn't repulse me but he does.
Major John Garner, 82, from Moss Lane, Maghull, was a 19-year-old gunnery operator aboard the 26, 500 ton battle cruiser HMS Repulse when it was torpedoed by a Japanese bomber on December 10, 1941.