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And Expulsion at this point--the music is really an extension of what Repulsion was doing and it's intentional, but at the same time I do want Expulsion to be its own thing.
The sensing nodes generate repulsion factors in the opposition direction for node q;.
But natheless, it can only be used to describe the attraction between objects, and not the repulsion caused by light and heat radiation of celestial objects, therefore it cannot be used to solve the issues of mutual repulsion and departure between celestial objects.
Chimps were the masses in the equation, while the forces consisted of attraction to food and repulsion from other chimps.
When there are electrostatic charges on the colloids, their Coulomb repulsion tends to increase the separation between them, thereby improving the dispersion's stability.
Chapter 1, "Horror," looks at overwhelming fear in Kubrick's The Shining and madness in Polanski's Repulsion.
As the mammoth general elections have kicked off in the country, the militant attacks have increased in the valley in order to instill fear among the masses and show their repulsion against the establishment.
20 (SUNA) The Armed Forces has announced the liberation of Kalanj area, South Kordofan State repulsion of remnants of the so-called Revolutionary Front out of the area .
We all reacted with repulsion and anger when details of how Adrian Bayley was allowed roam free to murder one of our own.
If the subconscious and repulsion to say a nice word for the Army again whose members he shot are at issue, then there is a greater problem.
Suppose there are two agents to left of agent A at a distance of 100 that have their repulsive beacon on and A's repulsion range is p = 80.
I create hair-covered and, arguably, beautiful female figures that disrupt perceptions of attraction and repulsion.