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Taking natural external force and natural repulsive force as the core, this mechanical worldview points out that the natural external force is the energy field of the universal space, having contraction and aggregation as natural property.
Which length of tape produced the strongest repulsive force between like charges?
By embracing the morbid, decadent, and excessively grotesque, The Book of Repulsive Women breaks out of the regulated aesthetics of the modern United States, and of New York City specifically, to create a radical, experimental style illustrative of what many Americans feared most in modernity: non-normativity, unpredictability, disorder, and waste.
I find it increasingly repulsive to listen to the holier than thou pontificating fromthe Manx, after all, evil dealers pedalling death and misery formoney are in good company on an island that annually tolerates the death and injury of motorcyclists.
On the other hand, some substances widely considered repulsive to fish actually are not.
ASTRONOMERS USING the Hubble Space Telescope have bolstered the evidence that dark energy--a mysterious repulsive force that is causing cosmic expansion to accelerate--existed in the early universe.
Goon is a humorous journey into the dark imagination of two masters of repulsive horror: Edward Lee and John Pelan.
Political satirist Leon delights in infiltrating right wing organizations "in order to fight their repulsive ridiculousness with my repulsive ridiculousness.
It is sobering to reflect on the fact that everything Comper sought to create in his designs, drawing upon his prodigious scholarship, is no longer thought to be of any importance by the contemporary Church of England: refinement, learning, and liturgical traditions have all been abandoned in favour of a wet, nauseating, and vulgar populism that is as repulsive as it is destructive.
Deciphering the nature of dark energy, which turns gravity from attractive to repulsive, is the most elemental riddle in all of physics and cosmology, many researchers say.
I feel flabby and repulsive and I'm sure he will go off me when he sees me naked.
Having previewed the pilot and an additional episode," said Focus on the Family's Bob Waliszewski, in a January 5 press release, "I find NBC's new television show, The Book of Daniel, extremely repulsive in its portrayal of Jesus Christ and intentionally offensive in its flippant attitude toward behaviors almost universally agreed upon as unhealthy to society, morally bankrupt, and, dare I say it, sinful.