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The phase diagram of repulsively interacting spin-1 bosons in optical lattices at unit filling in the presence of an externally induced quadratic Zeeman field obtained in Ref.[18] is shown in Figure 1.
In this paper we have presented a discussion on the meaning of the nonmonotonic dependence on temperature of the thermodynamics properties of low-dimensional, trapped, IFGs, with focus on the chemical potential (a similar behavior has been predicted for weakly repulsively interacting Bose gases [81] in that a hard core Bose gas behaves, at least qualitatively, as an ideal Fermi gas).
Truly, the act of this trio stinks, its words stink and it itself stinks unbearably and repulsively. How an awfully unfortunate nation are we that we have such intolerable chicaners and imposters as our leaders.
- An Admirer | IF it is necessary to employ women on the Liverpool cars, there is no need why they should be de-feminised by being compelled to don so repulsively unwomanly a headgear.
Rodney is battling through illegal and brutal bare-fist fights and getting sucked into the very dangerous, low-life drugs empire operated by the repulsively evil and horrifically violent backwoods baddie Harlan DeGroat (Woody Harrelson).
So, for example, at the precise time when Claudio undertakes his highrise grab and arm-twists Porcari into handing over a palazzina for his own exclusive lucre, the camera marks and symbolically underlines such a defining moment of grasping and greed by a backlit shot of Claudio's hand stretching out into the void and repulsively twirling its fingers, a dark octopus-like silhouette ominously thrust against the bright blue sky of the Bel Paese.
Specifically, the target is mislocalized repulsively from a pre-cued location (Suzuki & Cavanagh, 1997; Pratt & Arnott, 2008).
The industry source also noted that some bakers even use kfour, which he repulsively noted is "used in mummification." Kfour is also a type of bakhour (Arabian incense).
Some senses added and other senses lost: dreorig 'bloody, blood-stained; cruel, grievous; sad, sorrowful; headlong?' (added senses: 'full of sadness or melancholy; doleful, melancholy; dismal, gloomy; repulsively dull or uninteresting'; lost senses: 'bloody, blood-stained; cruel, grievous; sorrowful; headlong?), hldfordleas 'without a lord, leaderless' (added sense: 'of a woman: husbandless'; lost sense: 'leaderless'), fere 'able to go, fit for (military) service' (added senses: 'in health; able, strong; sound, whole'; lost sense: 'fit for military service').
This creates a contiguous perfluorinated hard shell on the ethane side of the molecule that acts repulsively and exceeds the electrostatic attractions between these polar molecules, thus overall decreasing the viscosity of this compound.
It was Giggs' turn to play playmaker, the veteran's pass to Bellamy should have led to a penalty when Saliou Ciss' repulsively and recklessly met the Welshman's legs.
But if Houellebecq has been roundly criticized for depicting sex so repulsively that his fiction at times seems to function as a deterrente mechanism, Roche's work reads more like a how-to manual.