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From this point of view, it is questionable whether Cluj-Napoca has achieved such a high degree of physical repulsiveness that the economic activities themselves are jeopardized.
As her inward repulsiveness slowly mars her outward beauty, Campbell cannot conceal the disgust he feels at the confessions of love of the infatuated Lulie.
After that it was a Cook's Tour of low-life Ontario hockey operations with Frost and his other hockey chattel and what appears to have been a sexual pattern of some repulsiveness in which player and manager shared the same hapless "puck bunnies" in low-rent motel rooms.
Then again, some people like the scent--so perhaps its repulsiveness is something learned, something associated with bad situations.
It is hard to understand how he can simultaneously inhabit each camp and it is less than fair to lump him in with the latter group insofar as it is identified with the attempt 'to hide the persistent repulsiveness of neo-liberal capitalism'.
Therefore, they do not need mouthpieces to beautify the repulsiveness of the regimes, like Syrian, Lebanese and Arab journalists are doing.
But a closer inspection of the various series, taking into account the idiosyncracies of how each locale and its denizens are treated, reveals the holistic repulsiveness of the Cohen/"Real Housewives" vision.
In this very repulsiveness, however, is a self-assertion indicative of strength.
The gritty Deucey makes himself felt with remarks like, "This ain't the 4-H Club pony rides at the Pocahontas County Fair," and Jim Dale's repulsiveness oozes out in his "fatty" voice, sounding like "masculine gravy with metal shavings.
Ximiaca is a grotesque figure, an aberration of femininity both through her lack of chastity and through her the repulsiveness of her physique.
There is a grotesqueness that is alluring, a repulsiveness that is beautiful.
John's physical and social repulsiveness highlights his moral ugliness.