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value-laden offensiveness or repulsiveness, not inconsistency or
And while her death is undoubtedly a blessed relief for the parents and relatives of her victims, the fact remains that for all her evil, for all her unspeakable cruelty, Myra Hindley was not kept in jail for the severity or the repulsiveness of her crimes, but because successive governments were too worried about their own survival to consider parole.
On the one hand, peace is likely to be formed when war's repulsiveness and futility is fully evident--as when horrors are dramatically and inevitably catastrophic.
In fact, Doppelt's work is focused on objects that might tilt in an instant from absolute allure to irremediable repulsiveness.
Despite the repulsiveness of the manner in which Sorokin deconstructs and transforms such Soviet mythologemes, one cannot deny his talent for crafting in his work rapid and powerful shifts from the mundane to an upsetting world of horror and repugnance.
A corrupt cop who takes bribes, Rick is introduced to us in such a manner that his repulsiveness leaps out.
For all his repulsiveness, he's attractive because he's original and so fully realised by writer William Boyd.
Even more significantly, "the oiliness and snaky insinuation of his demeanour counteracted the repulsiveness of his ghastly face, and amongst inexperienced young women won for him a very favourable reception" (13:77).
Sp-LA 44) preserves the essential elements of drunkenness, repulsiveness, and bastardy.
He begins by informing her in graphic detail of his father's physical repulsiveness and impotence--"if you wed the stinckerd, / You shall find the tale of Tantalus / To be noe fable widdow" (1671-73) while advertising his own prowess at "pricke song" (1616-18).
In the same way physical tests were the basis for judgment in the trial procedures that Boguet developed; in particular, Articles 35-42 listed "indications" that an accused should be tortured such as the repulsiveness of a face, the inability to cry, and the frequency of cursing.
89) This clearly shows the repulsiveness of this act and its odiousness, for if God was angry with Aaron on its account, how can you say that there was no objection to it?