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The research focused on what was defined as "completed repurchase plans," one in which the firm announced and later repurchased at least 50 percent of the shares authorized for the program.
Further, it can amend an existing plan to increase the number of shares to be repurchased.
Even if no shares have been repurchased at the time of the merger, if the SEC determines that the companies had an "intention" to buy back a significant number of shares once the combination has been consummated, the commission may disallow the use of the pooling method.
Because the Fund offered to repurchase up to 5% of its shares in the repurchase offer, the Fund repurchased submitted shares on a pro rata basis as described in the repurchase offer materials.
Prior to the suspension of the stock repurchase program, the Company had repurchased a total of 11.
The shares repurchased in the repurchase offer will be subject to a repurchase fee of 2% of the net asset value per share to offset expenses related to the repurchase offer.