request for payment

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These Nicholas engaged, only too happy to have escaped any request for payment of a week's rent beforehand.
The Agency carried out selectively payment claims assessment review and determined that the payment requests were not properly assessed, violation of the established payment requests assessment procedures or requirements, as well as the request for payment of assessment determined by the lack of controlling authority has the right to demand to be paid 10 (ten ) percent penalty on all improperly granted requests for payment of assessment rates and services reimbursed for services provided the amount paid.
Payments on EU programs will have to be made within three months of filing a report and request for payment on the part of the beneficiary, after which date agencies will be owing interest on the amounts.
The KPMG-SSH employee (an Australian citizen) responsible for the PTEC case (KPMG-SSH Manager) met with Sonny Harsono, a KPMG-SSH partner and Indonesian national, to discuss the tax official's request for payment.
The more probable construction is that the act's reference to an undisputed request for payment refers to an improperly completed request for payment.
The Kyoto District Court on Friday turned down a request for payment of a government pension from a Korean resident of Japan who served in the Japanese military in World War II.
Eni, also relying on the opinion of its external consultants, does not agree with GasTerras interpretation, that therefore will have no impacts on first half results, and has rejected GasTerras request for payment, seeking good faith discussions to agree on the extent of the 2012 price revision.
The retention money due under this contract may be replaced by a guarantee on first demand shall be 5% of the amount (including VAT) base price for each order, made on or before the date on which the holder puts the request for payment corresponding to the first installment of the purchase order.
Or - a demand guarantee fixed at 5% of the amount (TTC) in basic revision out at market prices, made on or before the date on which the holder shall submit the request for payment corresponding to the first deposit.

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