request the presence of

See: call, summon
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IF THE Football Association is to get to the bottom of what has happened to the England team during this dismal World Cup summer, perhaps they should request the presence of Mike Ashley at Wembley for a quiet chat.
34 for the year 1982 in order to request the presence of the Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs.
Hor Namhong also said he will request the presence of an ASEAN representative at upcoming meetings of the Joint Boundary Commission convened by Thailand and Cambodia.
After Gates showed his Harvard ID and the cop was satisfied that he lived in the house, why did he request the presence of campus police?
It has emerged Down Under that Football Federation Australia (FFA) are likely to request the presence of Schwarzer and his fellow European-based Socceroos for their Asian Cup qualifier against Qatar, in Melbourne, on February 6.
To refuse to be interviewed by people acting on the behalf of the defendant, or to request the presence of an assistant district attorney at any interview
Such is the support received that members of the community are continually contacting the partnership to request the presence of camera enforcement in the areas they live and work in.
When EMS personnel are dispatched to a scene that has the possibility of violence, they usually request the presence of law enforcement officers as well.
We request the presence of the defendants and are giving them their opportunity to explain why they decided these risks of death and crippling injury are an acceptable cost of their own prosperity.