request to perform

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Then followed the recognition of Lord Verisopht, and then the greeting of Mr Pyke, and then that of Mr Pluck, and finally, to complete the young lady's mortification, she was compelled at Mrs Wititterly's request to perform the ceremony of introducing the odious persons, whom she regarded with the utmost indignation and abhorrence.
Taking official vehicles of the sponsor with priority - reception of service to two (2) hour after the request to perform the maintenance / repair; Security official vehicles awaiting delivery of parts and perform repair.
Germany's symphonic orchestra can change its conductor and then request to perform in Tehran, and that request will be studied only then," Noushabadi said.
But in the website B, attacker might have posted a malicious link in the website B which is able to send a HTTP request to the website A to request to perform some valid action but require a valid session.
His authority to divorce again comeback by this way man has authority to divorce based on Iran's law and could request to perform.
MANILA -- The Sandiganbayan fifth division denied Monday Senator Jose "Jinggoy" Estrada's request to perform his duties as Senator while in detention.
It said that "the field has been shut down and the production stopped since July 1, 2012 based upon Shell's request to perform the rehabilitation of the existing surface facilities.
And there may yet be a stellar flavour to the raft of commemorative events to mark the 2014 centenary of Thomas' birth, with Bob Dylan rumoured to be considering a request to perform in a separate event.
LEGENDARY singer Bob Dylan was last night said to be considering a request to perform in Swansea as part of the celebrations marking 100 years since the birth of Dylan Thomas.
Recently I received a request to perform melt flow rate testing on a glass-fiber rein-forced PBT polyester to determine whether the material had been degraded during molding.
I followed their request to perform one last circuit and was given my landing clearance at around 700 feet on my final approach.
He said: "I had a bizarre request to perform a full show on the main stage, which was something I couldn't resist.