require compliance

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Their disbursement traditionally does not require compliance with the procurement law.
Any such contract will require compliance with all factual statements and representations made in the bid.
As The Guardian points out, the EU's rules do not require compliance through each stage of a business' manufacturing and processing operation, but rather only at the importation site.
The code should also require compliance with federal securities laws and should promote the need to act at all times with openness, integrity, honesty, and trust.
A number of our government customers require compliance to the Defense Information Security Agency (DISA) Secure Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIGs).
However, the minister said, Technical Barriers to Trade on processed food require compliance of international standards and thereby increasing the cost of production.
Approved nearly a year ago, the mandate calls for energy operators to implement and demonstrate appropriate controls, which require compliance documentation, security event monitoring, incident alerting, forensic analysis and event data retention.
has introduced the 050-0810 single rotor latch/logic system intended for occupant or exit/entry doors for specialty vehicles including ambulance, fire/rescue and off-highway vehicles (light-duty) that require compliance to FMVSS 206 standards.
Many such guaranties do require compliance with certain specified performance obligations such as restoration of the security deposit, restoration of unusual improvements (such as a vault or interior staircase) and removal of all personal property from the premises.
Aviel Electronics designs and manufactures "unique coupling connectors" for antenna connections that require compliance with Part 15.
According to the newspaper, the new regulations require compliance with federal motor vehicle safety standards, adherence to state traffic rules and the possession of appropriate licensing.
That agreement should require compliance with the disclosure rule.