require of others

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Simpson, a Libertarian-leaning Republican who doesn't mind bucking his own party leaders, tried to amend the bill to extend the same protection to average Texans, and he was nearly shouting on the House floor as he pleaded with his colleagues not to put themselves "above the laws that we require of others."
You can't expect people to trust you or follow you if are not willing to live by the same values and consistently support the same priorities that you require of others. This idea is hardly a newsflash.
Swidler then applies Vatican II's call for limiting the power of civil government to the Catholic Church itself, arguing the church must also be limited in what it may do and require of others. This linking of church and civil government may be the weakest point of Swidler's argument.
Phil Meyer, author of "Precision Journalism," applauds the increased use of research in journalism, but cautions: "Journalists must hold themselves to the same standards they require of others."