required by law

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The church and the mayor's office being near by, Luigi and Ginevra, followed by the four witnesses required by law, walked the distance, with a simplicity that deprived of all pomp this greatest event in social life.
The marriages had taken place in the first week of May, and it was not till three months later that the minister, as required by law, made his quarterly report to the civil authorities in Dublin.
* Worldwide Insurance Services LLC, King of Prussia, Penn.; fined $250, order 17-0209 Worldwide Insurance Services, a licensed insurance producer, was disciplined by the state of Nevada and failed to report the action to the Washington insurance commissioner within 30 days, as required by law.
also found consumers are still not getting the ticketing information required by law when buying from secondary websites.
Prosecutors said Baccay had control and custody over the cash advance, and that he is required by law to render an account within the prescribed period, as provided under a 1997 Commission on Audit circular and Section 340 of the Local Government Code.
SAN FRANCISCO, Safar 3, 1438, Nov 3, 2016, SPA -- San Francisco on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the developers of a sinking and tilting luxury high-rise, claiming they knew about the problems but did not disclose the information to potential home buyers as required by law, AP reported.
He added: "While there are many people employed in this area who are trained specifically in first aid, the fact remains that any creche is only required by law to have one person with such training.
According to the report, Facebook said it works with police 'where appropriate and to the extent required by law to ensure the safety of the people who use Facebook'.
Inspectors visited the firm's Wakefield and London clinics and found the firm was carrying out a surgical liposuction procedure without being registered with the CQC as is required by law.
to present work authorization documents beyond those required by law. It did not require U.S.
Retailers should be aware that sending such personal information to the state is not required by law and is a blatant violation of gun-owner privacy rights.
Direct care staff is required by law and is paid for an entire shift.