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Citing a survey conducted in 2015, Procurement Service (PS) executive director Jose Tomas Syquia said airline tickets ranked as among the most commonly required item in procurement activities of government agencies.
There, an operator selects the required item and routes it to packing.
The protester contends that during a recent re-evaluation of quotations (undertaken by the agency as corrective action in response to the firm's earlier protest of the agency's initial selection of GAI for the purchase order), the agency unreasonably evaluated GAI's past performance; the protester contends that GAI, which has not previously manufactured the required item, lacks similar past performance experience to justify the favorable past performance rating its quotation received.
Reliably deliver the required item to the right location in the correct quantity at the time required from the most appropriate source
After products are selected for purchase, RoundTrip sends the required item details back to the shopping cart.
In this role, we serve as fiduciary agent to the foreign custome r for use of the funds they place on the cases and as secondary support item supplier in providing the required item or part at the best price and at the right time.
An on-board microprocessor identifies the location, activates the system and delivers the required item to the operator at an ergonomic height.
If the list is alphabetical and you know exactly how the name is spelled, it won't take long to locate the required item.
The Comelec official said it was considered "nonresponsive" when a required item is provided but no price is indicated.
Item managers (IMs) in need of supply support have limited resources in procuring the required item.
Technical Specification : The firm should quote the required item of standard material having cooling effect on strata fire in the drill hole.