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Staff at Crosland Hill will always do their utmost to help and advise customers and, if the required item is not in store, it can be ordered either for home delivery or store collection, subject to availability.
The protester contends that during a recent re-evaluation of quotations (undertaken by the agency as corrective action in response to the firm's earlier protest of the agency's initial selection of GAI for the purchase order), the agency unreasonably evaluated GAI's past performance; the protester contends that GAI, which has not previously manufactured the required item, lacks similar past performance experience to justify the favorable past performance rating its quotation received.
OF your five- odd weekly visits to the nearest retail store, you would be unlikely to locate the required item on the shelf on more than three visits.
Reliably deliver the required item to the right location in the correct quantity at the time required from the most appropriate source
The assistant made no effort to find out whether the required item was in stock or stocked at all, he simply informed our shopper that whatever they had was on-shelf.
In this role, we serve as fiduciary agent to the foreign custome r for use of the funds they place on the cases and as secondary support item supplier in providing the required item or part at the best price and at the right time.
If the list is alphabetical and you know exactly how the name is spelled, it won't take long to locate the required item.
To 'purchase' the required item, one simply has to log on to a website like shapeways.
A 'shopper' quoted the relevant code number for the required item and the order was sorted by SOE headquarters.
Item managers (IMs) in need of supply support have limited resources in procuring the required item.
The purpose of the contract is to support the Naval Competitive Sourcing Support Office in assisting Navy and Marine Corps activities in identifying competitive opportunities and other alternatives to reduce infrastructure costs by obtaining the best public or private source for a required item of supply or service.
Urgently Required Item Hence Can Be Collected By This Office From Firm S Premises If Dp Is Desirable.

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