requirement to attend

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It is not a requirement to attend the prior clinics, but it is helpful.
The court quashed Bong's jail term and replaced it with an eight-month suspended sentence, with a requirement to attend a sex offender treatment programme.
He was sentenced to six weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months, with a requirement to attend 100 hours of unpaid work.
There is the requirement to attend a Mandatory Site Visit.
It is also a requirement to attend an evening training session at their station one night a week.
They included a requirement to attend morning meetings, not to work long hours, and to refrain from sending messages to the Chief Constable after work.
Once Caleb understood that his parents accepted and welcomed his questioning, he was able to accept their requirement to attend Mass as a family.
For example, a program designed to encourage treatment should have a requirement to attend an outpatient facility built into the supervision protocol.
Activation measures include the requirement to attend group, or individual meetings and or avail of suitable education, training or development opportunities.
While there are no specific guidelines or recommendations for Civilian candidates as their requirement to attend SOC or DATC is dependent on their mission and position description, they too must possess the experience and skills similar to those of their DoD uniformed counterparts.
Johnson also chafed at the requirement to attend the classes taught by members of the Service Corps of Retired Executives.
She received a community order lasting until June 9 this year, a six-month supervision requirement, a programme requirement to attend a drink impaired drivers programme for 14 days and a three-year driving ban.
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