requirement to attend

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Community order made, with rehabilitation activity requirement to attend appointments for up to 20 days.
"However it is a requirement to attend school in term time and it is extremely important that pupils do so.
brief description of requirement to attend site and remove 4 pairs of doors and frames for safe disposal and replace with 4 new 30 min rated fire doors complete with solid core over panels please ensure you review all attached information to ensure a full understanding of this requirement.
Cost to appear is $5, and the only requirement to attend is that all vendors must show proof of homeowners insurance to participate.
The penalty for driving in the middle lane can be roadside education, a requirement to attend a driver awareness course, or three points and a [pounds sterling]100 fine.
Ongoing monitoring of youth club coaches and quality control are, critics claim, non-existent, with a requirement to attend a refresher course after three years viewed as little more than a box-ticking exercise.
"Meron po kaming monthly requirement to attend therapy sessions nu'ng mga peers ko sa loob kasama 'yung family namin para tuloy-tuloy 'yung support," he shared at the media huddle for his latest TV show, "Precious Hearts Romances: Araw Gabi" where he plays Adrian, CEO of the Olividar Group of Companies.
The court quashed Bong's jail term and replaced it with an eight-month suspended sentence, with a requirement to attend a sex offender treatment programme.
It is also a requirement to attend an evening training session at their station one night a week.
They included a requirement to attend morning meetings, not to work long hours, and to refrain from sending messages to the Chief Constable after work.
We hoped he would gain special graces for attending Mass despite his reticence." Once Caleb understood that his parents accepted and welcomed his questioning, he was able to accept their requirement to attend Mass as a family.
For example, a program designed to encourage treatment should have a requirement to attend an outpatient facility built into the supervision protocol.
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