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* Georgia -- In April, the governor signed into law a bill requiring people to prove citizenship to access public benefits.
Carpenter claimed that requiring EPA notification prior to all disturbances of paint over 2 s/f would be infeasible and would result in property owners deferring all maintenance until such time that they could take care of all their jobs at the same time to consolidate notification.
Several months later Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, directing the PCAOB to establish standards requiring audit firms to prepare audit documentation sufficiently detailed to support the conclusions reached in audits of their publicly held clients and to retain it for at least seven years.
This technology is particularly effective in high-performance applications requiring robust weather or moisture seals.
In 1849, New York enacted the first general law allowing for the incorporation, without a special act of the Legislature, of marine, fire, and life insurance companies, and requiring them to file annual statements of their financial condition, similar to those required under the 1827 statute, with the Comptroller.
Among them are validating and improving the models used by the EPA to assess risks of chemicals; requiring chemical companies to submit testing results of chemicals with PMNs; letting the EPA regulate chemicals if they pose a "significant" risk to health or the environment rather than the more stringent "unreasonable" risk; and setting national goals for reducing the overall use of toxic chemicals.
However, unlike combat operations, acquisition lacks a published commander's intent requiring program offices to apportion, collaborate, and synchronize.
A number of statutory changes and regulatory actions involved the provisions requiring a passthrough entity to withhold tax on nonresident owners.
* How much, if at all, might requiring more than restricted/limited rights diminish competition or increase procurement cost?
One of the main strategies of the government in its battle against abusive tax shelters is to shine an early spotlight on defined categories of RTs, by requiring detailed disclosures with respect to the participants (including tax advisers), structures and purported tax benefits of such transactions.
(30) However, a law enforcement employee may be subject to recall during a break and may be required to receive permission before taking a break without requiring compensation under the FLSA.
Hardware, software, ease of implementation, portability, technology support, security, maintenance, and relative cost issues have all been identified as issues requiring consideration [Jameson & Cook, 2002].