requiring immediate care

See: exigent
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So far, only those requiring immediate care have been going for cover, so the pool has been smaller.
Treatment may be essential to ensure that there are no physical injuries requiring immediate care.
This could indicate an injury requiring immediate care.
Weekly ante-natal clinics at Wansbeck include: l clinics with consultant obstetriciansforthosewomenexperiencing 'high risk' pregnancies l specialist substance misuse clinics to support any pregnant women dealing with alcohol, drug or smoking problems l dedicated diabetes clinics to help women manage their conditions throughout their pregnancies l an emergency gynaecology clinic for women experiencing urgent problems and requiring immediate care and advice - either as part of their pregnancy or other gynaecological problems In the coming months our gynaecology team will be expanding the range of specialist women's services evenfurther withtheintroductionof keyhole procedures to help us treat patientsintheoutpatientsettingand without the need for a hospital stay.
The court found that many physician progress notes and other medical records were missing, there was no written definition of a medical emergency requiring immediate care, there were numerous delays in responding to inmate requests for medical care, there was no suicide prevention training nor written policies, and potentially suicidal inmates were often isolated physically and provided with little or no counseling.
He experiences both petit mal and grand mal seizures: the worst of these leave him unconscious, writhing, vomiting and hitting his head: they constitute a medical emergency requiring immediate care.
These clinics provide a cost-effective alternative to emergency room visits for individuals with non-life-threatening orthopedic conditions requiring immediate care.