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The chair took a break of half-an-hour for completion of the quorum but after a break of 45 minutes, the requisite strength could be garnered and consequently, the House was adjourned till Tuesday.
As to the second requisite, there are certain questions that the law seemingly could not answer with preciseness.
The regulator said considering the deadline of seven days and the directions of the Lahore High Court, the regulator issued instructions to CPPA to submit the requisite information in detail for the month of February 2017 without further delay.
Considering the period of seven days and the direction/decision of the honorable Lahore High Court, Lahore in this regard, the Authority issued instructions to CPPA-G, to submit the requisite information Idetail for the month of February 2017 without further delay.
New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Friday, said that the Delhi and District Cricket Association will not be allowed to host ICC World Twenty20 matches unless it acquires completion certificate and requisite compliances.
Intelsat SA (NYSE:I), a provider of satellite services, revealed on Monday that its subsidiary Intelsat Jackson Holdings SA has received the requisite consents to amend certain terms of the indenture governing its 81/2% senior notes due 2019, related to its consent solicitation.
Requisite: consistent, but a wide draw is worrying her trainer
Disaster victims who cannot reinvest within the requisite time frame can request an extension from the IRS.
Unless we give security personnel requisite authority, they will not be successful in protecting our assets.
REQUISITE TECHNOLOGY INC., A WESTMINSTER software maker, hired a chief technology officer last month after allowing the position to go vacant for a full year.
If a testator bequeaths a residence outright to a beneficiary and the beneficiary uses the residence as a principal residence for the requisite period, the beneficiary will be entitled to the gain exclusion under Sec.
Although it is expected that many of the initial credential holders will be CPAs, the new credential also will be open to individuals who possess the requisite educational background, skills and work experience, and, eventually, pass a thorough exam.