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ISLAMABAD -- Member of Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs, Senator Zahid Khan on Monday said that the Chairman of the Committee Moulana Hamadullah and Secretary of the Committee can not cancelled the requisite meeting of the Committee and demanded the suspension of Secretary.
In addition to the requisite period of co-occupancy, the party alleging an entitlement to succeed must also prove both emotional and financial commitment and interdependence with the departed tenant.
Six tenders for the supply of (a) medical gloves and requisites, (b) different medical requisites, (c) immunity requisites, (d) furniture, (e) different medicines & (f) chemicals for the cellular flow instrument.
Seven tenders for the supply of (a) industrial/ medical gases, (b) general purpose medical requisites, (c) surgical sutures, (d) medical instruments for the operation theaters, for the Emergency & the Care Divisions, (e) medical furniture for the Operation Theaters, (f) medical requisites for the Artificial Kidney Div., also (g) medical requisites for the recent borne babies.
Seven tenders for the supply of (a) requisites and disinfectants for the infection abatement, (b) kits and chemicals for the Chemical laboratory, (c) same but for the joint laboratory I, (d) same but for the joint laboratory II, (e) medical requisites for the warehouses, (f) requisites and kits for the Chest Hospital, also (g) kits and requisites for the Fever Hospital.
Six tenders for the supply of machines and instruments for different divisions including (a) medical requisites for the pharmacy, (b) sterilizing requisites, (c) dental medicine requisites, (d) films and acids for the x - ray division, (e) one time use fixture for the surgery, maternity and birth giving divisions, also (f) chemicals for the laboratories.
Six tenders for the supply of (a) different medical requisites, (b) requisites and operating chemicals for surgical and patients care instruments, (c) catheters and colestom bags, (d) syringes, also anesthetic & intensive care requisites, (e) surgical sutures and liver transplant requisites, also (f) imported medicines for injection.
Six momarsa for the supply of (a) medicines for troubles in the digestive organ, (b) diabetic medicines, (c) disinfectants and medical syrups, (d) different medical and surgical instruments, also requisites for the same, (e) other medical requisites I & (f) other medical requisites II.
Supply of different medical requisites in three lots for the different hospital divisions including (a) requisites for the general surgery divisions, surgical sutures, sterilizing requisites and detergents, (b) general purpose and urological requisites, also (c) x - ray and ophthalmic requisites, also heart and care requisites.