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A written demand; a formal request or requirement. The formal demand by one government upon another, or by the governor of one state upon the governor of another state, of the surrender of a fugitive from justice. The taking or seizure of property by government.

Requisition refers to the seizure of Personal Property, whereas condemnation entails the taking of real property.


noun application, behest, bidding, call, claim, compulsory acquisition, demand, direction, forcible demand, formal request, indent, injunction, levy, mandate, necessitation, necessity, need, order, postulatio, request, requirement, requisite, want
See also: appeal, application, arrogation, call, canon, charge, claim, command, compel, demand, desideratum, dun, exact, excise, importune, mandate, market, monition, move, option, petition, pray, prayer, request, require, requirement

REQUISITION. The act of demanding a thing to be done by virtue of some right. 2. The constitution of the United States, art. 4, s. 2, provides that fugitives from justice shall be delivered up to the authorities of the state from which they are fugitives, on the demand of the executive from such state. The demand made by the governor of one state on the governor of another for a fugitive is called a requisition.

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Brigade combat teams (BCTs) have managed class VIII as a line item requisition process.
NFELC's requirements were implemented so any command that needs to track requisitions for their customers may do so using OTS' My Logistics Dashboard.
Computing the ACWT for two or more customers requires proportionate combining of stocked requisitions and nonstocked requisitions.
The performance metric associated with this LOS is 50 percent of NMCS requisitions will be filled and delivered within fifty-five days of initiation.
First she fills out a detailed purchase requisition in triplicate and gets the formed signed by the appropriate manager; then the order is submitted to the company's purchasing departments.
In most cases, it means they are doing what the organization (top management) expects of them--filling requisitions.
Similarly, the DIC for all requisitions of NSN parts by CONUS units is A0A.
In the past, I'd been having some issues, such as requisitions being dropped and being unable to verify if the transmission was successful, whenever I submitted my documents via WinSALTS.
The contractor also claimed that the owner's own certifications to its lender concerning the contractor's requisitions during this period should equitably estop the owner from assessing liquidated damages after the fact.
The Air Force's system has erroneously approved foreign country requisitions for classified and controlled spare parts based on incorrect federal supply classes.
Because of the nature of some items such as hazardous materials, some requisitions have to pass through Fund Accounting and Risk Management for review before the order can be fulfilled.