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Number of reprints of "Revenge and Requital," "One Wicked Impulse," and variant titles: 7
All three principles (of Just Requital, of Equality or just proportionality between crime and punishment, and the forfeiture of life) can be understood as related aspects of the same general doctrine of right requital, and they are so taken in what follows.
The existence of such a remarkable linkage between corrupt action and ultimate disgrace cannot be ascribed to simple coincidence; it must on the contrary be regarded as an instance of requital taking place in this world.
Rather than kill Polymestor outright in requital for her betrayed son, Hecuba with the assistance of the Trojan women lures Polymestor into her tent with his babies and before blinding him makes the father witness the slaughter of his own children.
The unlettered people of Jahiliyya at the time of the Prophet may the peace and blessing of God upon him, used to accept the possibility of the mission of the prophets, belief in requital, believed in principles of the types of piety, and put into practice.
Fowler, 1982:163-180), but in an open-ended way so as to invite the reader to complete the gestalt of a narrative: the initiation and pursuit of a courtship and the prolonged agonies of frustration and doubtful requital leading to eventual rejection and disconsolate closure.
The Gift": Sometimes the recompense arrives/so far ahead of what you'll give/that you will fail to recognize/the reciprocity, the love//that circles in the universe:/this life a grace advanced, its knack/to meet requital with its cause--/the offering up, the giving back.
He claims that '[w]e are bearing witness to a second anti-Platonic requital, for contemporary "philosophy" is a sort of generalized sophistry, which incidentally is lacking neither in talent nor in grandeur.
Hebecker in conjunction with coal, down to the last stage of an affluent region's bazaar of requital, California's Friendly Favors.
The dreamer gave it to him, and "and in requital, the soldier said, 'Come you to hear news?
With the pattern of (deceptive) use of the sectarian card to silence critics of Mubarak's regime firmly taking shape, the US administration -- in requital -- has pulled their man closer.