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Prion-associated encephalopathies are characterized by requiting a protein component (prion) for communicability.
Brittan Elementary School, a rural grade school in Sutter, California, is requiting students to wear radiofrequency identification badges (RFIDs) that can track their every move.
With the capacity to pump up to 30,000 pounds per hour, the ComboVac is a self-contained, fully adjustable pump, hopper and suction pipe requiting less than half the floor space of its predecessors.
The LD360s and LD3xiC load cells feature hermetically sealed stainless steel construction and easy to install, self-leveling hardware requiting no orientation to achieve peak performance.
In addition to the Federal and state laws against sex discrimination in the workplace, 20 states have passed legislation requiting insurance companies to cover prescription contraceptives if they do so with other prescription drugs.
Under the pact, Peru further agrees (1) to ensure public notice and a public comment period on the proposed use of the funds; (2) to give priority to using the funds for requiting victims of the underlying crimes and (3) to support anticorruption initiatives and institutions in Peru.
Overall, the rate of infections requiting hospitalization or intravenous antibiotics in patients with advanced rheumatoid arthritis (0.
At the core of the SAND Analytic Server is a column-based, bitmap-indexed, tokenised data structure that stores granular-level data and makes it available for rapid analysis by business users, without requiting the complex indexes and schemas needed to get analytic performance from traditional relational database management systems.
The issue of collaboration has impacted the core of teacher education, requiting many universities to rethink the design of their preparatory programs.
In January 2000, the Battery Park City Authority passed an ordinance requiting all buildings in Battery Park City meet "green" building requirements.
To launch such a project, we would have to recruit-from all over Russia--a new generation of trained bibliographers who, at the beginning of their career, will do work requiting a high qualification and who will receive an adequate reward.
Manufacturers responded by requiting the use of respirators wherever PTFE reached 400[degrees]F or hotter.