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While rereleases of the original ``Star Wars'' trilogy and such popular classics as ``ET: The Extra Terrestrial'' and ``Grease'' have had varying degrees of success, box office analyst Brandon Gray wonders what ``Passion'' will be able achieve with its encore.
PALMDALE - Just a month before the 25th anniversary rerelease of his best-selling album, Peter Frampton ``comes alive'' at the Palmdale Fall Festival.
Classics is coming out with a 25th-anniversary rerelease of Bob Fosse's mordant masterpiece Cabaret.
It will create a ``Platinum Collection'' of 10 of its best sellers, including ``The Lion King'' and ``Aladdin,'' and rerelease one each fall before retiring it for 10 years.
Yet for Fine Line Features' 25th anniversary rerelease of the infamous movie masterpiece, trash auteur John Waters has come up with something extra.
98) returns to video after its brief theatrical rerelease in a special digitally remastered anniversary edition that includes ``never-before-seen footage.
Seeing an opportunity they can't refuse, Paramount Pictures will rerelease Francis Ford Coppola's ``The Godfather'' in major cities starting March 21.
Sony Pictures, encouraged by the success of the revamped ``Star Wars,'' is planning a major rerelease this fall of Steven Spielberg's 1977 hit ``Close Encounters of the Third Kind.