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Other than Mikkie, the rerun features the same cast, same costumes and same message.
On appeal, by the candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, Chief Victor Umeh and APGA contended that PDP would not field a candidate in the rerun since it was on its instance that the election was nullified on December 7 , 2015.
Following intense and lengthy arguments by the three sides, the matter was suspended and resumed the following day November 25, at which time the Board confirmed and affirmed the ruling of the hearing officer who had denied and dismissed the complainants of both the parties for a rerun of the October 10 elections.
NORTHAMPTON boss Colin Calderwood joked they will have to suffer endless reruns of George Best's six goals against the Cobblers after his side earned a dream FA Cup tie against Manchester United.
It will be the first time for a mayoral election in a major city in Japan to be rerun since the 1952 revision of the Public Offices Election Law to require candidates to get at least 25% of the valid ballots cast to win.
NBC recently debuted "The Rerun Show," in which an eight-member troupe reenacts episodes of campy old sitcoms in a way that's part love-in, part lampoon, turning familiar characters into punch lines.
Instead, let's focus on a couple of series rerun on TNN.
The contract also sets a guarantee of six episodes of work for television series, with minimum salaries per episode of $2,160 on July 1, 1992, for half-hour seties, advancing to $2,336 over the term of the contract, and $2,539 for 1-hour series, advancing to $2,747 over the term; higher "money breaks" for the employment schedules; and an expansion in the television rerun residual formula to include reruns after July 1, 1992, of l-hour network primetime dramatic programs on late night network, 1-hour dramatic programs made for late night broadcasts that are rerun in syndication, and 1-hour dramatic programs made for Fox Broadcasting that are rerun in syndication or on late night network.
THE All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Integrity Group, on Saturday, urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct the long awaited Anambra Central Senatorial rerun election on January 13, 2018 as scheduled.
made it very there was a vote winner seek a rerun W h o could ask more of anyone?
The rerun of Maxie The Musical: Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, slated for April this year, has been cancelled, the producers announced today.
My first seditious Jewish act was playing hooky from a Holocaust memorial service, pretending to be sick so I could stay home and watch a rerun (a rerun