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Earlier this month, Dworkin asked for a new trial or for the contract to be rescinded.
Once the product's approval is rescinded, ReGen has the right to reapply to sell Menaflex, but must provide convincing evidence that the product is safe and effective, Dr.
These latest rescinded notices were sent to 120 counselors and 385 secondary, non-permanent teachers in addition to some 2,000 notices rescinded last month for permanent elementary school teachers.
The airlines reportedly rescinded the increases in fares, which were explained as being necessary to offset high fuel prices, to remain competitive as other carriers did not match the increases.
United Airlines rescinded a $50 increase on one-way business fares after other carriers declined to match it, a spokeswoman said.
In April 2004 the city government had rescinded a first parking meter installation contract with Consorcio Parking Tek, of CPS Parking Service.
For other reportable transactions, the penalty can be rescinded only by IRS authority (which cannot be reviewed by a court).
We tried to order TB 43-0240, Inspection and Calibration oF Small Arm Gauges, but it was rescinded in 1996.
Also, policies are being increasingly rescinded by insurers who argue that they have been defrauded by the officers signing the insurance applications for coverage, thereby leaving some directors and officers potentially uninsured.
These penalties can be rescinded in whole or part by the FTB Chief Counsel, but only if (1) the transaction is not a listed transaction; (2) the organizer on whom the penalty is imposed has a history of complying with the state income tax laws; (3) it is shown that the violation is due to an unintentional mistake of fact; (4) imposing the penalty would be against equity and good conscience; and (5) rescinding the penalty would promote compliance with the tax laws and effective tax administration.
The Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, which earlier this year broke new ground and gained international attention by electing its archbishop by e-mail, has rescinded the process that made that possible.
Statement 64 amended Statement 4, and is no longer necessary because Statement 4 has been rescinded.