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Carey, Ph.D., is director of the Center for School Counseling Outcome Research and an associate professor of school counselor education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
"Our organization utilizes marketing research for many efforts, including concept testing/concept development, branding, positioning, naming, logo testing, etc., prior to launching new products and programs, as well as pricing and re-positioning of existing products, measurement of success around various marketing efforts, ad testing, market segmentation, customer satisfaction, use and intentions--you name it!," Morris reports.
Wilson says the institute expended considerable effort to gain substantial input from diverse members of the research community--experts from a broad range of disciplines, fields, and perspectives.
Of the two research credit provisions contained in the EPA, new Sec.
The New Jersey Medical School--University Hospital Cancer Center in Newark, a 210,000 s/f cancer center, is a comprehensive research facility which combines all of the elements of clinical treatment space, research laboratories and administrative and support-based areas in the same building.
Building systems for consumer research takes time; discipline; new competencies and new partners.
As a result, a pattern of much more intimate relationships is unfolding between top research universities and major technology companies.
Apparently the prospectus defined research in the public interest as "those decisions and actions that further democracy, democratic practices, equity, and social justice."
This article describes how a faculty from education department joined forces with a librarian to build an effective teaching alliance to help students develop information literacy and complete a literature review paper for a capstone education research course.
For Georgia Dunston, Ph.D., a genome research center at Howard University was not simply an item on a wish list for the venerable institution--it was a necessity.