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The World Bank's president summarized the preliminary lessons and key researchable questions going forward in a speech he gave at Georgetown University in September 2010, Zoellick (2010).
Thus, the print advertising found in popular magazines provides a researchable and quantifiable record for scholars.
The claim of Charles Glock, a prominent sociologist of religion, that all of the manifestations of religious commitment in all religions of the world can be subsumed under five interactive and researchable dimensions (ritualistic, ideological, intellectual, experiential, and consequential) also motivated that work.
In Jones's words, "Presidential Power remains a largely untapped reservoir of researchable topics associated with Neustadt's persuasive conception of how the presidency should and does work.
Innovation and dynamic efficiency in plant biotechnology: An introduction to the researchable issues.
As a starter, a national priority setting exercise to identity the needs, researchable areas, systems of national co-ordination with a lead agency for each area is required.
Thus, the teams transformed target problems into researchable questions, and the research team provided technical support for the agency teams' efforts to locate, evaluate, and appraise evidence to seek answers to their respective EBP questions.
Quite against this strive for African nationalist consciousness in culture and literary studies is the European standard interpretation of African studies as mere mental construct than a researchable reality.
Present paper reviews available information, highlights research generated by scientists of Desert Medicine Research Centre, Jodhpur on surveillance strategy and host-virus interaction aspects and sensitizes crucial researchable issues of dengue in India.
These groups were asked to generate researchable problems and to rate these research problems on a 10-point importance scale.
847, 868 (1996)), we have collected and made available to Congress and the public in a researchable database on our website certain basic information about major and nonmajor rules.

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