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The pre-service teachers found some aspects of the task challenging initially, for example, identifying a researchable question that could be approached from all four learning areas.
When we suggested that librarians might assist in selecting topics, the students admitted that a librarian might be a good person to talk to because a librarian might know about what topics are researchable.
Refinement of the review process with input from the WG members identified studies that met the baseline criteria for inclusion, addressed one or more of the researchable questions, and covered topic areas that had either not been addressed in the previous version of this CPG or had been included but not fully developed.
Necessary researchable materials and facilities such as Internet facilities, agricultural databases and web resources should be made available and easily accessible in all the libraries to support the research needs of the students.
He also briefed the meeting about the PARB's vision, mission, prioritizing researchable issues and strategy of funding research projects.
Plucking some easily researchable biographical details about Poe, the script by actor-turned-scribe Ben Livingston and Ron Bass protege Hannah Shakespeare constructs an implausible explanation of what happened to the author before he was found on a park bench, raving incoherently about someone named Reynolds, on the last day of his life.
Formulating a researchable question: A critical step for facilitating good clinical research.
From the start, attempts are made to encourage STRs to discuss with empirical evidence and support of the literature the existence of a problem that can be researchable with the resources required.
At the end of the theory document (Krumboltz, 2009), a list of researchable questions is suggested.
The guide begins with material on turning ideas into researchable questions, then offers an overview of writing a research paper, using the literature, and citing sources, with an example of a complete paper provided.
Finally, for the receiver concept in Figure 2, our focus turns to a segment of audience that is of special interest to this research: the academic / researcher and her perceptions about researchable, biofuels issues.
discusses the researchable questions and lessons that have emerged post crisis, grouped into four set of issues: transformation, opportunities, risk, and results (TORR).

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