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The researcher constructed an interview protocol that included open-ended questions.
It was hard work to externalize and examine the meanings I placed on dog-and-chicken conflicts so that as a researcher I was finally able to understand the meanings these same events held for our Moroccan neighbors.
Researchers are especially fond of randomized field trials when evaluating educational programs because they can increase the validity of their findings.
Working quietly in Kyoto, removed from these debates, Japanese researchers recently cleared another hurdle to a viable embryonic stem cell therapy for Parkinson's.
A sentiment amongst young or up-and-coming applicants (sometimes espoused in department coffee rooms or conference hallways) is that much NSERC DG money is tied up in support of researchers who have been in the system longer than they have.
The researchers compared the alcohol intake of the rats before and after the treatment.
After receiving this list from Republican members of Congress, NIH officials are now contacting researchers and raising fears that their research may be in danger of losing funding," he said, calling the tactic "scientific McCarthyism.
I believe all researchers can benefit from this book, regardless of their orientation to quantitative or qualitative methods, positivism or postmodernism.
If the researcher does not retain substantial rights in the research results and the funder's payments are contingent on successful research, neither the researcher nor the funder would be entitled to treat any of the expenditures as paid or incurred for qualified research.
Researchers at U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have taken the same blanket-coverage approach, focusing their efforts on digitizing second-generation mathematics resources from Wolfram Research Inc.
At this year's Basic Science Workshop, as in the past, bench researchers again expressed their frustration with the lack of available primates.
In a 1996 study, researchers found that adolescents, especially those who were younger, expected to be helped if they reported to an adult researcher that they were the victim of abuse.

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