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With the upcoming political season featuring the unseating of an incumbent governor, an opportunity to reseat a former governor, a constitutional amendment targeted at reinstating video gambling, and a ballot initiative aimed at limiting property taxes, it is clear that the foundation for a hot and sultry fall campaign season awaits our consideration.
If you adjust a bullet-seating die to reseat bullets in such rounds a few thousandths of an inch deeper, you can hear the bond break with an audible snap.
Our theaters feature comfortable seating with plans to reseat some 30,000 of our chairs with Telescopic Seating Systems' recently designed "Savoy" high back rocker chair.
When electronic systems have problems or don't work, the quick fix is to reseat (disconnect and reconnect) the cannon plug to clean off the corrosion from the pins.
If you don't seat the striker flush, you will not be able to reseat the rear cover.
Quickly reseat the shell and have the patient gently close into centric occlusion.
Wearing heavy gloves, I could not reseat the arrow in time to get a shot before the buck ran off.
After discharge, these valves will attempt to reseat to minimize loss of refrigerant.
A 50 Mbps Ethernet Dedicated Internet fiber circuit at its main offices also helps to support the organization's in-house box office, as well as seat scanners at the Opera House that allow the Ballet to monitor show attendance, reseat patrons and resell unused tickets.
But officials have no plans to reseat the sullen sentries.
If you get system faults after moving the radar to a new site, reseat all the circuit cards in the rack the fault is showing up in.
Make sure the lever is in the 12 o'clock position when you reinstall and reseat the receiver cover.

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