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For more than a decade, taxonomists had classified this chunky, short-tailed bird as part of the Hawaiian honeycreeper family, which gives off an odor resembling that of a musty canvas tent.
I fear I have been unnecessarily churlish toward Beecroft, who has a wonderful sense of the incestuous interplay between repetition and variation: she is attentive to the uncanniness of near-miss mimicry, one model almost resembling another but then failing to observe the mandate of sameness.
In the first study, a group led by Shigekazu Nagata of the Osaka Bioscience Institute in Osaka, Japan, has found that mice genetically predisposed to an affliction resembling the human autoimmune disease systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) have defects in a protein required for apoptosis in white blood cells.
These shifty images behave like good psychological tests should: now resembling hieroglyphics, now death's-head moths, diminutive horseshoe crabs, fossils, or the alphabet of a race of beetle-beings from Pluto.
Resembling a compact disk, each computer-readable disk will contain myriad data on star positions, redshift measurements, and other astronomical information that previously appeared in the ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL or its sister publication, the ASTRONOMICAL JOURNAL.
Mikel Bergara's installation Savannah, 1995, consisted of four constructions resembling allegorical ruins, based on a group of log cabins that during the 17th century formed the original urban center of the American city that now bears this name.
While most antibodies continue to fight the intruders, he proposes that the AIDS-causing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) deceives other antibodies into attacking friendly white blood cells bearing a banner resembling that of the enemy.
Ghostly, energetic forms are set against pitted and scarred fields of oil and wax, and anchored by broken horizontal grid lines resembling poles of bamboo.
Six weeks later, 20 of the 24 mice injected with the treated cells had developed malignant tumors resembling those of humans with cervical cancer.
Undistinguished domestic interiors, nondescript urban facades, even portraits of "ordinary people" resembling passport photos, presented head-on and without esthetic enhancement of any sort, offer surfaces as impenetrable as the surface of the photograph itself.
Scargle of Ames noticed wavy ripples, resembling the wake of a speedboat, along the inner and outer edges of Encke's gap.
A wooden structure resembling four connected dog houses ("Dog is a man's best friend") was placed in the middle of the floor of the same room and entitled Sans titre, 1993 (Wild Men's Movement).