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com, said "This is a fascinating survey as it seems the majority of people are too busy to take all of their annual leave and resent not getting to use up or carry over all of their days.
But, motorists who take care to avoid being fined for not having enough credit or who are trying to avoid the cost, might resent being forced to use their tag.
Bower told the Radio Times: "Cowell remains restless, not least about senior ITV executives who resent his influence over the network and publicity about his louche lifestyle.
We also do not want to grow to resent little Susie and her parents for being inconsistent and inconsiderate.
I resent your pushing your anti-Catholic, ungodly ways upon the masses in this country".
If you negotiate a long time down to the last penny, the offer could be pulled or the hiring organization could come to resent you before you get there.
LOW-TAX ZONES such as Hong Kong, Ireland, and various Caribbean nations are routinely blasted as "tax havens" by such groups as the Tax Justice Network, to say nothing of politicians, who resent them for siphoning away economic activity and depriving high-tax nations of "their" precious tax revenues.
Locals resent the base's noise, the pollution it creates, and worry about potential aircraft accidents.
High bit-error-rates or packet loss may cause large amounts of data to be resent over the WAN even though most of the data was already successfully received.
We are to love and not resent our fellow material beings; we are to love and not resent ourselves.
But elsewhere, the mood among Iraqis who resent the American occupation was grim.
Migrants sometimes resent the newcomer, forgetting perhaps their own difficulties as newcomers--even in Australia, a nation developed by immigration.