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The newer installation has come up in Dhobipora area and it has been set up in a playfield - a move being resented by residents.
Even if you "feel their pain," do not say it; it will be resented and mocked.
I think there are two other important, although usually unacknowledged, reasons: 1) Public schools are perceived as pushing "lefty" or secular ideas such as respect for the environment, respect for different cultures, and evolution; 2) since the (still incomplete) desegregation of the schools began, rightwing WASP parents have resented the public schools for exposing their kids to the bad influence of those low-achieving (read: poor and minority) kids.
The review failed to smash the book, though Croker resented the attack enough to respond with a pamphlet and later returned the favor in 1849 with an equally vituperative attack on Macaulay's History of England.
Stars who are constantly being snapped at every event in town are known as Over-eventers and they are in danger of being resented by their fans who don't get invited to the dry sherry and sausage-on-a-stick circuit.
In Melbourne, a Muslim teacher from Somalia had resented the fact that when he and his family moved into their home some years ago, their neighbours made no approach.
The council heard from angry shop clerks who were tired of cleaning up human excrement in their doorways, from residents who were afraid to go outside at night, from shoppers who resented the aggressive panhandling.
As to the classical myths, Frank contends that Barbaro resented his contemporaries' practice of uncovering scriptural verities in the pagan imagery of the ancient world.
What Stieglitz resented more than anything else," recalled Maria Rapp, secretary at 291 for several years, "was to have someone who had money come in and offer to buy a painting as if it were a shop or as if the work were some commodity.
Although VerticalNet chairman Mark Walsh was a popular keynote speaker at NEPA's December 1999 conference in New York City, "Prospering from the Electronic Revolution," some newsletter and specialized information publishers at the time mildly resented what they perceived as the company's Khrushchevian attitude of "we're going to bury you.
In addition, Danish sources say that many dancers resented Schaufuss's insistence on cookie-cutter interpretations of dramatic works, the lack of subtlety in his productions, and his frequent failure to watch performances and rehearsals.
Much of the resistance came from the majority of Muslims who resented the intrusion of the West and its manipulation of minority co-religionist elements.