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That can have the reverse effect of becoming an engine for resentment and alienation.
This essay builds on the critical work on De perlas y cicatrices by reflecting on the roles of melancholia and resentment in relationship to memory politics in the cronicas "Los cinco minutos te hacen florecer" and "El informe Rettig.
The global poll of 6,500 financial decision-makers found that 62% of UK professionals felt unjustified bonuses fuelled resentment among colleagues, with the level reaching 97% among workers in the North East.
Wilson expounds on matters of race and resentment in American politics in a new paper titled "Perceived electoral malfeasance and resentment over the election of Barack Obama.
Although the armed conflict ended formally in February 1964 following several mediations and did not achieve much for either protagonist, it reinforced the concepts of suspicion and resentment in the relations between the two countries.
The court expressed resentment over SP's statement and asked him about the number of days police need to catch the miscreants.
The subtitle "- Banishing Resentment and Reclaiming Confidence in Your Special Needs Family" is a commitment to the reader to offer helpful guidelines and encouragement.
Strawson's landmark article "Freedom and Resentment.
Erdoy-an accused critics of the planned prep school ban of making "ugly" and "black propaganda," with thousands of social media users expressing resentment over his statements.
She examines political revolutions and revolts, drawing distinctions between those irrationally driven by resentment and those driven by grievance.
I first developed an interest in resentment when a client told me he felt resentful of his children.
Harold Bloom has claimed that feminist scholars, a fraction of what he has named "the resentment school", let their political and social beliefs stand in the way of their aesthetics and reason (50).