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As a result, victims included individuals, groups and society, provoking collective resentments.
The DEO expressed resentments over the absenteeism of the students in Sangeni high school and asked the headmaster to make sure the presence of the students as absent student could not be able to learn properly.
The presence of workers doing exactly the same jobs for much different compensation, working side by side every day, offers enormous scope for resentments to fester.
ANDREW SACHS said yesterday that last autumn's obscene messages scandal was "in the past", and he bore no resentments over the affair.
ANDREW Sachs said yesterday the obscene messages scandal was "in the past", and he bore no resentments over the affair.
So our own need for forgiveness, the tendencies to excess in personal resentments (especially when the harms we suffer are evaluated from more realistic and impartial perspectives), and the wrongness of demonizing those who injure us together make forgiveness compelling.
Whatever the case, I do understand that class and ethnic resentments are for some the result of genuinely painful experiences.
Over the last several decades our support for Israel has reinforced these resentments, shifting them away from Europe and toward the United States.
Our exit strategy must focus on healing nationalist resentments, not inflaming them by settling our troops in for a long haul.
His isn't just a focus on politics, however--SAUDI ARABIA EXPOSED focuses on how regular Saudis live under the Al-Saud family, how the family's rulings foster resentments among the populace, and how regional divisions are threatening the kingdom.