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I perceived presently that though she thought herself very ill used, yet she had no power to resent it, and was exceedingly piqued that she had lost him, and particularly that another of less fortune had gained him.
Nothing is more certain than that the ladies always gain of the men by keeping their ground, and letting their pretended lovers see they can resent being slighted, and that they are not afraid of saying No.
He probably resents southerners like me living in the North East.
Marjorie resents having her style cramped and determines that the best way to save herself from potential social alienation is by making Bernice over.
Liberty Harbor also rep resents an unprecedented level of state-of-the-art technology.
Coe replied that although she deeply resents false characterizations of her as a racist, "I guess it could be considered an honor of sorts to be singled out for attack by the real racists, the leaders of La Raza.
06), as a resident of Wilken Crescent next to Laurence Jackson School Guisborough who, according to D M Tuffery, resents the parents parking on our road to pick up their children from school, what the residents of Wilken Crescent, Mackie Drive and Longworth Way resent is the fact that people who work in Guisborough or attend Prior Pursglove College use our estate as a free car park.
One insider explains: "Mum resents the disruption, Mark resents the suggestion that his career is 'not a proper job', Ingrid resents her interfering mum, and Dad resents Mum, Mark and Ingrid.
Baca resents the constitution's super-majority tax-raising requirement for the same reason he resented term limits.
His daughter Mari resents him because he never was there for her and she believes his beloved plants came before her.
Microsoft is the biggest target in part because it's the most widely deployed operating system in the world, but also because the hacker community resents "closed source" applications like Windows.
Teen Phano dreams of a respectable life as a married woman; but as the daughter of an Athens courtesan, she has little hope of achieving her goals--especially as the cruel Phrynion resents her independence and covets her for his own.