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Funds set aside to cover future expenses, losses, or claims. To retain; to keep in store for future or special use; to postpone to a future time.A legal reserve is a monetary account required by law to be established by insurance companies and banks as protection against losses.

A trial court reserves a point of law by setting it aside for future consideration and allowing the trial to proceed as if the question had been resolved, subject to alteration of the judgment in the event the court en banc decides the question differently.

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v. to keep for oneself a right or a portion of the real property when transferring (conveying) a parcel of real estate to another. (See: reservation)

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This most likely occurs because the amount of vault cash held by a bank depends on its customers' perceived amount of transaction deposits, not the amount of reservable transaction deposits reported by the bank to the Federal Reserve.
(8.) Competition for deposits, combined with an interbank market for reserves, makes it unlikely that the deposit outflow will be equal, because the low-equity bank will turn out to have a greater incentive to retain reservable deposits.
Reserve America: Includes links to reservable sites at state and federal campgrounds nationwide,
deposits and nonpersonal time and savings deposits (but not reservable
Under this system, the Federal Reserve Board staff each year establishes a cutoff level of total deposits and an exemption level of reservable liabilities.
Effective September 2002, depository institutions with total reservable liabilities greater than the exemption level ($5.7 million) are subject to detailed deposit reporting and are called nonexempt institutions.
At the splice date, the second part of the series is calculated under the assumption that the marginal reserve requirements on reservable categories of time and savings deposits are zero.(11) Reserve requirements on all non-transaction deposits were eliminated in December 1990.
In national parks with trail quotas, half to two-thirds of the permits are reservable; the rest are given out on a first-come basis no more than a full day before you start out.
In addition to the campgrounds, Lane County Parks operates 13 reservable picnic areas at Armitage Park, Hendricks Bridge Park and Richardson Park.
Declines in required reserve balances over the past five years have been largely the result of programs by depository institutions to "sweep" reservable liabilities into nonreservable liabilities, which resulted in a significant decrease in required reserves.
Or, between February 1 and May 31, write to the Back Country Office for an application (half of the permits are reservable by mail).