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A clause in a deed of real property whereby the grantor, one who transfers property, creates and retains for the grantor some right or interest in the estate granted, such as rent or an Easement ,a right of use over the land of another. A large tract of land that is withdrawn by public authority from sale or settlement and appropriated to specific public uses, such as parks or military posts. A tract of land under the control of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to which an American Indian tribe retains its original title to ownership, or that has been set aside from the public domain for use by a tribe.


Native American Rights.

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n. a provision in a deed which keeps (reserves) to the grantor some right or portion of the property. The language might read: "Sarah Sims reserves to herself an easement of access to lots 6, 7 and 8," or "reserves mineral rights," or "except she reserves lot 5." (See: reserve)

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a right or interest retained by the grantor in property granted, conveyed, leased, etc., to another.
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RESERVATION, contracts. That part of a deed or other instrument which reserves a thing not in esse at the time of the grant, but newly created. 2 Hill. Ab. 359; 3 Pick. R. 272; It differs from an exception. (q.v.) See 4 Vern. 622; Brayt. R. 230; 9 John. R. 73; 20 John, R. 87; 3 Ridg. P. C. 402; Co. Litt. 43 a; 2 Tho Co. Litt. 412

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