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That year alone, 4,832 people were resettled under the VPRS across 234 different local authorities.
Meanwhile, victims of the fire in Lang'ata are being resettled.
All were Syrian nationals resettled from the Lebanon.
She filed the resolution after leaders of a group of resettled residents, Homeowners' Federation of Northville and Southville Inc.
Protesters led by socialists and refugee advocates in Sydney said the detainees should be resettled in Australia.
From 2010 through 2016, statistics from the state's Department of Social Services show 1,278 refugees were resettled in South Carolina.
So far around 17 authorities have resettled refugee families and we anticipate families will have been resettled within all 22 council areas by the end of the year.
Refugees will continue to be resettled in Texas only after extensive screenings are conducted by the State Department and Department of Homeland Security," a spokesman for the Office of Refugee Resettlement said.
Additionally, the EU announced it had resettled 1614 Syrian refugees from Turkey across the bloc, under a deal reached between Brussels and Ankara in the spring.
Ms Cooper said it was "shameful" that the Government has not resettled a single unaccompanied child refugee currently in Italy, France or Greece despite committing to do so when agreeing to the so-called "Dubs amendment" in May.
A further 452 families in the Welfare Camps need to be resettled to fully address the IDPs in the Welfare Camps said by Ministry Secretary V.
In a letter to Tommy Broughan TD, he said member states "receive [euro]6,000 per person resettled or relocated which rises to [euro]10,000 for certain categories of resettled persons".