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The state's lawsuit argues that the federal government and resettlement group have not fulfilled their contractual obligations to consult with, and provide information to, state officials.
The PM is also hoping to raise his proposed renegotiation of Britain's EU membership with Mr Hollande but his attempts to win support have not been helped by his refusal to sign up to the Franco-German refugee resettlement plan.
Aiming to improve the durable solution of resettlement, the UNHCR Working Group on Resettlement proposed a "strategic use of resettlement" that would provide benefits beyond individual refugees.
The concern with country-specific resettlement programs is that refugees may be prioritized on the basis of religion or sect, according to a media officer from one of the NGOs involved in the campaign.
He agreed that that there are some problems because Tajikistan has faced such large-scale resettlement for the first time, "but we are working on resolving these problems.
Resettlement is also being pursued for certain groups of refugees in close collaboration with resettlement countries and in line with the criteria established in agreement with resettlement countries," Ghelli told Xinhua.
He further said that the government's policy of denying permanent visas to those who arrived illegally by boat will enable Australia to continue offering targeted resettlement to those most in need.
Inmates serving longer sentences will be moved to a resettlement prison at least three months before the end of their time in custody.
The Ministry of Justice announced in early July 2013 that it is to open 70 new resettlement prisons.
The UN refugee agency said Tuesday that it was in talks with Germany over the potential resettlement of 10,000 Syrians who have fled their war-torn homeland, and was probing the issue with other rich nations.
A team of immigration and resettlement experts from WWICS guided the audience about the opportunities available in developed countries such as Canada, US, Australia, UK and Europe.
He made clear that the most preferred resettlement destination for North African refugees was Italy, while the top destination for Afghan refugees was Greece.