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The situation of refugees hoping for resettlement in the West became more dire after President Donald Trump took office last January.
Indonesia is not a signatory to the 1951 UN refugee convention, which prohibits governments from returning people fleeing persecution to areas where they face serious threats, but the country has allowed certified refugees to remain here as they await resettlement in a third country.
Indonesian officials, however, say that permanent resettlement here is not an option.
Contact between village culture and learned culture was on the rise in late imperial Russia and resettlement was a key social arena where this kind of contact was occurring.
Prior even to setting out for resettlement, peasants were exposed to information that gave them a sense of what to expect.
In part because peasants had difficulty understanding terms like kolonizatsiia, state officials and concerned members of the educated public were convinced that settlers needed to be better informed about resettlement and what it entailed.
Today's proposal will provide for a permanent framework with a unified procedure for resettlement across the EU.
The EU Resettlement Framework sets out the criteria which should be taken into account when determining the regions or third countries from which resettlement will take place, such as the number of persons in need of international protection in third countries, the overall relations between the EU and third countries and their effective cooperation in the area of asylum and migration, including developing their asylum system and cooperation on irregular migration, readmission and return.
The new EU Resettlement Framework will establish a common set of standard procedures for the selection and treatment of resettlement candidates.
Today, the Commission adopted its latest progress report on the EU's emergency relocation and resettlement schemes, assessing actions taken up to 13 May 2016.
In its First Report on Relocation and Resettlement on 16 March, the Commission set a target of relocating at least 20,000 persons by mid-May.
Based on the information received from the participating States, 6,321 people were resettled by 13 May 2016 under the resettlement scheme of 20 July 2015.