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Zebari pointed out that the international organization and foreign states and governments are to fulfill their commitments in resettling the residents of Ashra Camp.
This increase in Australia's program cements Australia as resettling the largest number of refugees per capita globally, and having the second largest refugee program after the USA.
141 With regard to the post conflict possibilities of resettling of the Muslim IDPs in their original places of habitat in the Northern Province, a representative of the Muslim Community appearing before the Commission stated: "Given that the LTTE is no longer a factor, there is a real possibility of return for Northern Muslims without the threat of a repeated expulsion.
China has started resettling up to 330,000 people for its water diversion project to meet increasing demand in the parched north.
Daniel Fried, assistant secretary of state for European affairs, who is in charge of resettling negotiations, said Hungary was one of a number of European countries in talks to take so of the prisoners.
On resettling 5,000 Tibetan refugees in Nepal to the United States, Sauerbrey said resettling Tibetan refugees to the United States is a sensitive issue and it has not moved ahead.
The transportation veteran has aided in humanitarian efforts during the resettling of refugees in 1975 at Indochina and received superior performance awards for support during the withdrawal of U.
Seven diocesan programs were honored at a national meeting for their accomplishments in resettling refugees.
As president of the Immigrant Aid Society, Shapiro strengthened efforts to provide services to support Jewish people resettling in other countries.
10] Ensuring that peasants resettled through this system meant that the state had to tell them about it, warn them against resettling illegally (i.
Chamber of Deputies Speaker Nabih Bern fears Israel's plan to force the assimilation of Palestinians in their host countries, particularly in Lebanon with the help of the Canadian government: "Canada is part of a conspiracy against the Lebanese and Palestinian people and responsible for resettling Palestinians at the expense of Lebanon and Palestine.