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Every industry is reshaped by patterns of strategic change that can drastically shift profit and power across the landscape.
Newly-designed door handles, exterior mirrors and side rubbing strips enhance the profile, while the rear b enefits from revised lights and a reshaped boot lid incorporating a flush grip.
Fueled by cultural memory, by the perverse Pan-Africanization process of The Middle Passage and experiences of slavery and/or quasi-freedom in America, Black folks held onto something, reshaped something, and constantly reinvented that reshaped-something which is at the core of its phenomenal odyssey through history.
Nevertheless, despite such innovations, persistence remains one of the book's key themes, as courts reshaped rather than destroyed paternal powers and emphasized the importance of racial distinctions.
Instead, we identify the positive aspects of their previously learned skills that can be reshaped and refined to fit into our philosophy of care.
Over the past three years, we have witnessed events that have rocked our economy, reshaped our international perspectives and caused us to question many of the assumptions built up over a lifetime.
He said the IMF needed to be reshaped completely in order to act as an "early warning system" for the international economy.
While there is not a great deal new to those who have read the work of Ann Rosalind Jones or Barbara Lewalski on women's authorizing strategies, Wall provides an excellently contextualized introduction to the problem of women and the authority of print in early modern England: "Just as Spenser, Gascoigne, and Daniel reshaped authorship by restructuring its relationship to femininity and love, these women writers enlarged the emergent concept of authorship by situating it within the tradition of female legacy, biblical sanction, and family lineage" (339).