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The picture of young Black men, dressed in their generational Hip-Hop uniforms, hittin' to 'Da Old School Beats, reshaped, reinvented, and incorporated into 'Da New School Beat, smashes the wall between stage and audience, making 'Da Noise of the future and carrying 'Da Funk of the past.
He reshaped the roster and the Ducks had their best regular season in franchise history.
The reshaped Oxford chair is also ideal as an impressive and functional office chair.
completed his work have seen a revolution in the study of Isaiah, for while scholars still recognize a number of different hands in the book, they have also detected numerous ways in which the whole book has been reshaped into its present unity.
While there is not a great deal new to those who have read the work of Ann Rosalind Jones or Barbara Lewalski on women's authorizing strategies, Wall provides an excellently contextualized introduction to the problem of women and the authority of print in early modern England: "Just as Spenser, Gascoigne, and Daniel reshaped authorship by restructuring its relationship to femininity and love, these women writers enlarged the emergent concept of authorship by situating it within the tradition of female legacy, biblical sanction, and family lineage" (339).
Known as the "Global Delivery Model," this strategic services delivery concept has reshaped the IT services industry.
The first X-38 was reshaped closer to what the final form of the lifeboat is expected to be.
Our goal is for Ester-E to reshape the Vitamin E supplement market in much the same way that Ester-C has reshaped the market for Vitamin C," Dr.
The aircraft was later reshaped to conform with the latest design of the proposed crew-return vehicle.
While TFC's net income in 2000 and 2001 was below historic norms, the company remained profitable during a period in which it reshaped itself through the sale or liquidation of over $3 billion of assets.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - The original X-38 prototype, reshaped to more closely resemble a proposed lifeboat for the space station, returned Tuesday to Edwards for additional flight tests.
His vision single-handedly reshaped the golf industry in much the same fashion as Bill Gates did for Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT), Jeff Bezos for Amazon.