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Keeping the engine and propulsion systems of the FJ-3, the fuselage was enlarged and reshaped to incorporate more fuel space and the wings redesigned to carry fuel, providing a 50 percent improvement in range.
In the story of Pentecost Luke gives us that glorious list of hard-to-pronounce places reshaped into a community of understanding, and what comes next?
We scampered back to our original concept of a slightly reshaped counter and extended eating area.
Pabel analyzes how Erasmus, in his De praeparatione ad mortem (1534), reshaped the medieval ars moriendi tradition by emphasizing the importance of a life well-lived over the last rites (which, Pabel emphasizes, he never rejected), thus adding a vital humanist strain to the tradition of Catholic consolatory literature.
The panel overviewed the status of all the provisions and how the draft rule might change and be reshaped (based on negotiations and new data) before publishing.
"These renegade black intellectuals/activists/ artists challenged and reshaped communism, surrealism, and radical feminism, and in doing so produced brilliant theoretical insights that might have pushed these movements in new directions." Freedom Dreams is an unapologetically romantic text--a book of heroes such as Marcus Garvey, Paul Robeson, Angela Davis, and the little remembered, but seminal militant '60s organization R.A.M.
I'VE had my brows reshaped, my hair-do reshaped a thousand times, but back in July, I had my corneas reshaped too.
Financial markets have become global, investors have become more demanding, and the Internet has reshaped how value is created.
The ERM market is being reshaped and sales environments are changing as companies move to e-business and contact centers.
Every industry is reshaped by patterns of strategic change that can drastically shift profit and power across the landscape.
UN&M said the anticipated changes will mean a reshaped portfolio and result in increased investment in those markets where MF is "best placed to win long-term success.