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The second, manifest in transition in diverse figures such as hyper-Calvinist theologian John Gill and in reshapers of Calvinist theology such as Andrew Fuller or William Carey, is the conversionist approach of the so-called Great Awakening and the American frontier.
Kress defines an `adequate theory of semiosis' as one that is `founded on a recognition of the `interested action' of socially located, culturally and historically formed individuals, as the remakers, the transformers, and the reshapers of the representational resources available to them' (p.
180): machines as "'natural' outgrowths of society" and as "agents of social amelioration"; "the narrative of technology as a means of social control; new technologies and modes of communication as reshapers of perception; technology as satire in consequence of its unpredictability; and, finally, technology as apocalyptic portent," add helpful, albeit late structure to the book.
RESHAPERS Nesbitt Burns recently made room for lawyer Barry Goldberg who previously hung his hat at Heenan Blaikie and Osler Hoskin & Harcourt where he honed his expertise in restructurings.
I continued, "Government and business as the major payers have been the major reshapers of our health care system.