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Twelve break-out sessions will feature business critical issues such as reshaping the datacenter, reshaping the workplace, and cloud computing.
Reshaping the enterprise with the support and the quality of the team that we have is awesome.
This remolding and reshaping happens to all of the people collectively, not individually.
Calls are now being made for a number of key improvements including the extra 425 buses by 2011 and reshaping of the bus network.
The greatest beneficiaries of reshaping will be the poor-shooting or rogue tanks that have accuracy problems.
Yet she engages with tradition and genre, combining elements of comedy, romance, fairy tale and documentary, reshaping them to suit her needs.
SUNDERLAND have just completed the relaying and reshaping of their track.
Part of that reshaping and refocus is the reality that we need to do better at working jointly.
359) got something wrong in describing the reshaping of aircraft surfaces.
One can see the results in the current splintering, diminishing, and reshaping of journalistic prose.
As I recollect, it began with conversations among ourselves and a decorator about reshaping an intrusive peninsula and extending a small eating nook.
The Catholic church may have been more effective at appropriating and reshaping lay devotions and cultural innovations than it was at imposing reform and discipline from above.