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It's not only about the money or having to refund or reship or field customer service calls or emails, it's just a lot more about confidence.
This would have occurred if Trico and the carrier had entered into a new agreement, separate and apart from the original delivery contracts, for the carrier to store, hold or reship the goods for Trico and not for the purpose of expediting their receipt by Trico.
Efficient ability to track and pull returned drop ship items back to suppliers or immediately reship to other customers to fulfill new orders.
Contract winners not taking advantage of this option, will have to receive all shipments themselves and reship to NASA sites after creating, printing and affixing the proper DD250 documentation.
24-hour processing of return receipt to include a refund or reship transaction to the customer -- Bar-coding incoming units and transaction scanning -- Radio Frequency processes -- Client reporting as to reason for a return -- System disposition decision matrix which maximizes client's capital recovery -- Multiple disposition and return-to-vendor ship point capability -- Vendor consolidation returns process -- Security processing and storage (high-dollar or smaller items -- Fraud prevention and detection -- Unit testing/refurbishment/rework abilities -- Return-to-vendor processing, including pick, ship, vendor contact for RMA and freight management.
We are endeavoring to convince Compaq that procedures and standards can be established to allow us to inspect the returned units, do any necessary rework and reship them.
In addition to consumers, Temptime has worked with pharmacists and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers to understand temperature monitoring requirements and how a successful communication program incorporating temperature monitoring can enhance the patient use experience, contribute to a positive impact on an outcomes-based program, and reduce the number of reships of the pharmacy, thus lowering overall costs.
Business receives, stores, delivers goods from major retail outlets then reships to buyers location.
2, several HI imaging telescopes are being commissioned or planned that will be able to observe out to larger reships.
This plant receives, warehouses, abrasive blast cleans, and reships carbon steel plates, forms, and parts used in construction equipment and assembly.
When possible, Kindler reships gloves in the same cartons.
PDA Signature Capture capabilities have improved proof of delivery processes, and have reduced reships at Parker by about 5 percent.