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PFS would reship all mail by Priority Mail once a week for customers who enroll for this service.
The company's FAC network consists of strategically located high-volume freight cross-dock facilities that act like Pony Express stations that receive, reassemble, reship and deliver freight.
We are endeavoring to convince Compaq that procedures and standards can be established to allow us to inspect the returned units, do any necessary rework and reship them.
Business receives, stores, delivers goods from major retail outlets then reships to buyers location.
2, several HI imaging telescopes are being commissioned or planned that will be able to observe out to larger reships.
This plant receives, warehouses, abrasive blast cleans, and reships carbon steel plates, forms, and parts used in construction equipment and assembly.
PDA Signature Capture capabilities have improved proof of delivery processes, and have reduced reships at Parker by about 5 percent.
With Premium Forwarding Service, the Postal Service boxes and reships mail to a temporary address for customers who are away from their primary address for at least two weeks and up to one year.