reside in

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He walks constantly on the terrace during the summer months, with a youthful and jaunty air, which has rendered him the admiration of the numerous elderly ladies of single condition, who reside in the vicinity.
Pickwick himself continued to reside in his new house, employing his leisure hours in arranging the memoranda which he afterwards presented to the secretary of the once famous club, or in hearing Sam Weller read aloud, with such remarks as suggested themselves to his mind, which never failed to afford Mr.
And then he thought of Ruth and the cool sweetness that must reside in her lips as it resided in all about her.
The Gauchos, or countryrmen, are very superior to those who reside in the towns.
The character of the higher and more educated classes who reside in the towns, partakes, but perhaps in a lesser degree, of the good parts of the Gaucho, but is, I fear, stained by many vices of which he is free.
They reside in various boarding-houses near at hand.
Having gone for a time to reside in a rabbit country Porthos was elated to discover at last something small that ran from him, and developing at once into an ecstatic sportsman he did pound hotly in pursuit, though always over-shooting the mark by a hundred yards or so and wondering very much what had become of the rabbit.
TUNIS, (TAP) - Some 53,490 foreigners reside in Tunisia against 35,500 in 2004.
Officers pay regular visits to prolific offenders who reside in the area and when sighted in the high street they actively monitor them.
Marko Boskic lied about his military service in a Bosnian Serb military unit which was involved in the genocide of thousands of Bosnian Muslims in order to reside in the United States," stated U.
It also has the responsibility of administering benefits, such as naturalization and permanent resident status on those individuals lawfully applying to reside in this country.
And they have made serious inroads among the 10 million Muslims who now reside in the United States.