reside together

See: cohabit
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Mr Martin's body was found by his wife, whom the police boss said, they reside together in the same compound but stay in separate houses.
The five-year-old girl, Aondoaver Sewuesi, the JDPI added in the petition to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) signed by its Director, Reverend Father Emmanuel Akingbade, 'is a niece to Mrs Abgundu and they reside together at Ijelu-Ekiti in Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State.
amp;nbsp;Maryse's heart is set on a move to Las Vegas but the two must make a final decision on where they will reside together.
Always purchase foodstuff in proportion to the number of people who reside together or the number of people you plan to invite.
A probation report said Macauley had married her partner in 2012 and he moved in, only for problems to surface and, the court heard, "it was discovered quite quickly that they just couldn't reside together.
people who intend to reside together for many years pool their resources
Alvarez and Ting reside together in Valenzuela City.
Last August, scientists in New Zealand announced competition and caution not only reside together in the frontal lobe, they have bunk beds in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex.
Servo drives reside together in a control cabinet protected from the outside world.
These snapshots of scenes in which Yiddish music and singing reside together offer a fascinating portrait of a colorful and complicated community, and thoroughly convince the reader that the community of Yiddishland was built around, through, and in Yiddish song and Yiddish singing.
The facility will be the new academic home for CCM programs and allow all business faculty and programs to reside together elsewhere on campus.
Through the resistance to the oppressive interventions by government forces, Gezi Park has become a model for how multitudes can reside together despite their differences.