reside together

See: cohabit
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These snapshots of scenes in which Yiddish music and singing reside together offer a fascinating portrait of a colorful and complicated community, and thoroughly convince the reader that the community of Yiddishland was built around, through, and in Yiddish song and Yiddish singing.
The facility will be the new academic home for CCM programs and allow all business faculty and programs to reside together elsewhere on campus.
Through the resistance to the oppressive interventions by government forces, Gezi Park has become a model for how multitudes can reside together despite their differences.
Aptly named 'The Coach House', and oozing with original features, this spacious home is split into three separate living areas offering a variety of uses, whether you have an extended family wishing to reside together or maybe you would welcome some extra income by way of holiday or permanent let.
TOKYO - While "share houses" where usually unrelated people reside together are increasing in Japan, those lived in by people sharing a common purpose are also drawing strong attention.
If we want to see beauty and grace, we need to go up to the locked door in our hearts, where our deepest fears and most amazing powers reside together, and jiggle the knob.
Both of them did not reside together and Waseem often used to come to meet his two daughters and one son at a house in Barakahu police station area.
Second, adult brothers and sisters frequently reside together, along with lots of in-laws.
They all currently reside together in a foster home and would like to remain together in an adoptive family.
The smaller the particle, the closer they reside together, which alters the surface area and material characteristics dramatically.
Attorneys Ihara, Ralph Werner, and Frederick Hertz provide a legal guide for unmarried couples who reside together with attention to aspects of money and property, agreements for living together, estate planning, children, renting or buying a house, starting a family, medical decisions, prior relationships, and separation.
Please note: Couples are always welcome to reside together at either location, but both persons MUST qualify for admission individually.