reside together

See: cohabit
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This statement too, aptly describes Lahore where Sikhs, Muslims and Christians, Africans, Chinese and Pakistanis, Pakhtuns, Punjabis and Sindhis, communists, rightists and apolitical people, men and women, people of mainstream sexuality and an LGBT community - all of them apparently reside together, but each group may also be looking forward to a Lahore of its own dreams.
"They did not reside together and are no longer in a relationship.
Around 326 young and energetic participants from all across Pakistan will reside together for 6 days and will go through leadership training, learning from influential speakers and engagement in skills-based workshops and activities.
"In these cases, to prevent interference with the prosecution and as part of a safeguarding measure the child or parent would not be able to reside together."
Mr Martin's body was found by his wife, whom the police boss said, they reside together in the same compound but stay in separate houses.Kenyan conservationist Paula Kahumbu mourned Mr Martin for his tireless efforts of exposing the scale of ivory markets in USA, Congo, Nigeria, Angola, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos and recently Myanmar.
The five-year-old girl, Aondoaver Sewuesi, the JDPI added in the petition to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) signed by its Director, Reverend Father Emmanuel Akingbade, 'is a niece to Mrs Abgundu and they reside together at Ijelu-Ekiti in Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State.'
With Maryse adjusting to her pregnancy, she becomes worried when her husband Mike "The Miz" Mizanin refuses to leave Los Angeles after their second home is burglarized. Maryse's heart is set on a move to Las Vegas but the two must make a final decision on where they will reside together.
Always purchase foodstuff in proportion to the number of people who reside together or the number of people you plan to invite.
people who intend to reside together for many years pool their resources
Alvarez and Ting reside together in Valenzuela City.