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Stratford Shields, head of Public Finance at Wells Fargo Securities, said, "As enrollment continues to increase at Montana State University, Wells Fargo Securities is proud to play a part in the expansion of the MSU campus by serving as underwriter for the issuance of the university's residence hall bonds.
To increase the odds that students--especially freshmen--are taking advantage of campus resources, colleges are adding to and enhancing the services offered in residence halls.
The bathroom was in a first floor common area of a residence hall and police said they will examine security protocol for the building.
Reportedly, the new residence hall will consist of two six-story buildings that will house about 500 students and resident assistants in suite-style dormitories.
Building on the research that demonstrates the importance of belonging for college student success, this study examines the relationship between residence hall spaces and the development of student belonging.
Scott Ford makes a donation of $2,500,000 toward the construction of the Charles Ripley Residence Hall.
After all, the smell of the Residence Hall Room is as important to dorm room decor as the Twin XL Comforter and other college supplies.
Target: Newly constructed student residence hall in Jacksonville, Florida
Once the new dorm is finished, the UO will "continue the cycle of renovations, half a large residence hall at a time," Griffel said.
The bonds, which will be backed by tuition and other student fees, have been designated green bonds because the new residence hall is being designed to utilize less energy.
The school's fourth residence hall is named in honor of Lt.
Other tenants at the residence hall thought the smell was coming from garbage.